Recognition of Prior Learning

Are you skilled?
Need the paperwork to prove it?
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) could be the answer for you!

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning is one way that you can have your current skills and knowledge assessed by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), to see if they meet today’s industry standards.

Recognition of Prior Learning Assessments recognizes your skills and knowledge, no matter how, when or where your learning occurred.

Recognition of Prior Learning could provide you with a full or part qualification. It could also be used to identify what training you may need to complete your full qualification.

You may be eligible for a qualification and not realize it.

Have you gained knowledge and skills through your work, life experiences, training or education?

Even if you have never formally studied or trained in a particular area, you may be able to have your skills formally recognized.

Are you a candidate for Recognition of Prior Learning?

The RPL process could suit you if you have:

  • Work skills and knowledge
  • Paid or unpaid work experience
  • Relevant life experience
  • Community work experience.

What are the benefits of formal recognition?

Formal recognition of your skills could help you with:

  • Improved job security
  • Re-entry into the workforce
  • Job promotion
  • Career change
  • Moving from volunteer work to paid employment
  • Moving on from redundancy or unemployment
  • Improved career development
  • Planning for your future training requirements
  • Entry into a training course.

You will need to provide evidence to support your claim for recognition

You will have to provide evidence to an Assessor who will assess whether your current skills meet today’s industry standards.

Depending on what course you choose, examples of evidence could include:

  • Work samples
  • Practical demonstrations in the workplace
  • Assessment interviews with One on One Nail Tuition Assessors
  • References and/or reports from your manager or others in the community
  • A variety of materials:
    • Training certificates
    • Photographs or other relevant work examples
    • Resumes
    • Performance reviews
    • Job descriptions and/or work service reports.

Recognition of Prior Learning assessment can respond to the diversity of individuals by offering choices and flexibility.

Receiving recognition for your skills can result in you completing your chosen qualification in much less time, including having to spend a reduced amount of time undertaking training
and assessment.

Take the first step to having your skills formally recognized

  1. Contact Adelaide Beauty and Dermal Institute
  2. Consider what evidence you may already have that demonstrates your skills and knowledge
  3. Talk to our Assessors about matching your existing skills to your chosen qualification. The Assessor will work with you to identify the most appropriate evidence you might provide
  4. Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Undertaking an RPL process will help you to identify your current level of skills, knowledge and experience and will also help to enhance your self-esteem.

Want to know more?

Contact Adelaide Beauty and Dermal Institute to find out the most flexible way you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge.

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