At Adelaide Dermal and Beauty Institute we specialise in professional, result orientated paramedical skin treatments, tailored to the needs of the individual, which deliver amazing results.

We deliver results by utilising Danne Montague King treatments and products. DMK will stimulate changes in the skin to improve skin conditions, rather than merely acting on top.

With over 15 years of extensive training in paramedical skin treatments, we have the experience and knowledge that allows us to understand the causes of imbalances in the skin, therefore we offer real results.

Our passion is skin. Our vision is to provide real results for clients. To focus on what skin really responds to so we can instigate changes. To undertake extensive training so as we are always updated with the latest knowledge. To be dedicated and committed to working with each individual’s specific concerns.

We believe that everyone deserves great skin. We believe in being the best version of yourself. We believe that DMK is your journey to great skin.

DMK offers an effective skin revision program for all ages. DMK acknowledges the demand for superior aesthetic results. To ensure you achieve a dramatic result, your first step will be a professional consultation to establish your concerns and expectations. This will ensure we design a treatment program that is ideal for you.

DMK treats aging, pigmentation, acne, uneven skin tone, scarring, rosacea, sensitive skin/red inflamed skin, folliculitis, facial hair, general skin health and maintenance. DMK offers an elite skin revision concept, focusing on client care. Of unequivocal prevalence is the balance between professional salon treatments and at home maintenance.

Transdermal Nutrition Facial

A traditional cosmetic, relaxing facial using transdermal delivery to generate cellular change and to improve the aesthetic appearance of the skin. Each regime includes a cleanse, exfoliation, hydrating or acu masque, transdermal tailored infusion and massage.

30 mins $POA     |     60 mins $POA

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Remove, rebuild, protect and maintain is the DMK concept and the essence of beautiful and radiant skin for both men and women. Entwined with industry wisdom the DMK procedures are timeless formulations used tirelessly for clients who have “tried it all” and just want results.

Enzyme therapy treatments improve the skin’s ability to function by dissolving dead cells and impurities trapped within the skin. This in turn restores vital cellular nutrition and oxygenation required for cellular regeneration. Enzyme therapy stimulates collagen production restoring structural integrity back to the skin. The results are radiant, bouncy, juicy, firm skin.

LEVEL ONE: Signature DMK Treatment
Firming, detoxifying, brightening, cleanse, epitoxyl, enzyme masque #1 and transdermal infusion.

1hr 15mins $POA    Suitable for all skins.

LEVEL TWO: Pre- exfoliation and Enzyme Therapy
Your DMK therapist will tailor an exfoliation to suit your skin’s needs followed with enzyme masque #1 and transdermal infusion.

90mins $POA. Tailored for ageing, pigmentation, acne, congestion, sun damage.

LEVEL THREE: Muscle Banding
Key for anti-ageing, revises the function and structure of aged and weakened skin. Tightens, tones and firms the face and neck. Cleanse, epitoxl, pre-exfoliation, enzyme masque #2 + #3 and transdermal infusion.

90 mins $POA

A brightening treatment designed to plump, hydrate inhibits pigment and evens out uneven skin tone. Cleanse, epitoxl, pre-exfoliation, enzyme masque #1 & transdermal infusion.

90 mins $POA

An advanced treatment designed to accelerate results for clients who have congestion / ageing / uneven skin tone thickened skin. Cleanse, epitoxl, 2 pre-exfoliations, enzyme masque #1 and transdermal infusion.

120 mins $POA

LEVEL FOUR: Instant Lift
The perfect special occasion treatment for instant lifting and tightening results. Cleanse, epitoxl, pre-exfoliation, enzyme masque #1, #2, #3 and transdermal infusion.

90 mins $POA

Alkaline Skin Revision

The DMK Alkaline skin revision is an exclusive unique range of treatments. Alkaline acts to dissolve and desquamate pigmentation, wrinkles, scars, stretchmarks, razor bumps, acne and unwanted hair. Alkaline Skin Revision is always followed with enzyme therapy.


Alkaline Hair Removal

Alkaline wash is an effective painless and harmless hair removal procedure for the face and body.

Hair removal – Lip $POA     |     Full face $POA

Pro-Alpha Six Layer Peel and Remodelling Procedure

These treatments are effective resurfacing procedures for those wanting dramatic results. These treatments are inclusive of two days of peel applications. Followed by two lift off enzyme treatments and two transdermal infusions.

Effective in treating sun damage, aging, fine lines and wrinkles, blackheads, open pores, thickened coarse skin, acne scarring, uneven skin conditions, deeply congested skins, and pigmentation.

The remodelling procedure is also very effective on treating parts of the body.



Put the spring back into your step MediPedi dissolves dry, hardened and crusty skin build up from the feet without the use of any blades or sharp tools by utilising DMK’s unique alkaline solution.

Basic $POA     |     With full pedicure $POA